What Are Rotax Engines?

So what are Rotax Engines? Let us read the article which focuses on finding the answer to this question.

Rotax Engines is a subsidiary company of world-renowned manufacturer and developer Bombardier Recreational Products. Having built a strong reputation for itself based on years of superb performance and reliability, Rotax engines are considered to be among the world's finest non-automotive recreational engines. Continuous investment into research and development, product innovation, manufacturing innovation, and employee development are among the reasons why these engines not only exceed today's expectations, but those of tomorrow as well. Read on to know all about Rotax Engines.

Rotax is an Austrian engine manufacturer, founded in 1920 in Dresden, Germany. The engines line consists of several class-leading single -cylinder, two-stroke kart engines. These are designed to be able to match with a variety of different chassis and race classes. For example, the Rotax Mini Max, is a 13hp liquid-cooled 125cc engine that is specifically designed for youth karting applications. While, the DD2-125 – a 33hp 125cc engine with a direct-drive two-speed gearbox – is designed for use with the state-of-the-art Rotax RM1 kart. These engines come in a variety of configurations to meet the needs of racers, whether they're experienced professionals or adolescents climbing through the ranks. Most rotax valve engines, with the induction of a two stroke engine, are rotax engines. Suzuki and kawasaki engines are some other types of rotax engines.

Having the best intake air control, a rotary valve rotates mechanically in a circular motion. The timing of the rotary plate can be changed by the shape of the valve and is done in some racing engines. Rotary valve engines have a very good designing with a complete control of airflow into an engine. They also keep the air in without any airflow restrictions.

The Rotax engine range begins at the very basic Rotax 447 model with a 40-horse power output, air-cooled, two stroke to the top of the range Rotax 914 turbo, water-cooled, four stroke with a 115-horse power output.

The only minor disadvantage of the popular Rotax engines is that it doesn’t come with a mixture control adjustment feature that is allowing the pilot or owner to fly away from home at different altitudes. The carburetor has to be opened to change main jets with other sizes to have optimal performance of the engine, specific for the altitude he intends to fly. This can be a very handy modification to the Rotax carburetor that is the pilot to adjust his mixture as altitude increases.

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