Rotax Snowmobile Engines

Rotax engines have become the heart and soul of snowmobiling. Having built the most intelligent, streamlined, powerful engines for more than 40 years, BRP-Rotax has excelled in the world of snowmobiles. Let us know more about Rotax snowmobile engines in this article.

In the 1960s, ROTAX won Bombardier* after a worldwide search and rigorous testing. Today's applications in Snowmobile engines include 2- and 4-stroke, 1- to 3-cylinder engines with displacements between 270 and 1500 cc. It ia amazing to see them performing within the range of 27 to 150 horsepower in regular serial execution. Displaying outputs of up to 240 HP per liter displacement, it's no surprise to see ROTAX engines dominating the snowmobile racing scene.

Convinced that the best snowmobile engines must exhibit a combination of power with constant improvements in fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness, BRP-Rotax offers the following two technologies which are not only clean but have plenty of muscle and a conscience, too:


A groundbreaking system, in this technology, the fuel is injected into the transfer port of each cylinder. This semi-direct injection process, while reducing emissions, helps in increasing the fuel economy too and without sacrificing power. You get to experience the light weight and high performance you expect from a ROTAX 2-stroke.


This is the first 4-stroke specifically designed for snowmobiles. Including high fuel efficiency; V-configuration with a lower engine placement and centre of gravity, it is no surprise to see the ROTAX 4-TEC V-1000 bragging about it. Having extremely low noise and emissions, plus lower maintenance costs are added advantages of this Snowmobile engine.

Today, powering their way through snow for four decades, rotax snowmobile engines have become the driving force behind the best Ski-Doo and Lynx machine.