Rotax Industrial Engines

Go through this page which is on rotax industrial engines, with the Rotax 185as one of the most popular one. Read on to know more about rotax industrial engines.

Rotax 185 is a single cylinder, two-stroke, direct drive, rotax industrial engine. A 9 hp , it was built for use in fire fighting water pumps. But it t has also been adapted as an aircraft engine for use in ultralight aircraft. Today, the Rotax 185 is being used as a replacement for the 5.5 hp Pioneer chainsaw engines used on the early Series I Ultraflight Lazairs. This Rotax industrial engine provides enough power forthe Lazair to be able to flow on floats. Although it has been designed as a water pump engine, it has proved reliable enough for using on ultralight aircraft.

Earlier, it was used to drive two propellers stacked together in biplane configuration in the Lazair application. The Lazair manufacturer had ample quantities of the nylon propellers on hand for its earlier engines. Hence, this was not done for aerodynamic reasons, but for being cost effective as stacking them was more cost efficient than scrapping them and buying new propeller.

But today, the Rotax 185 is no longer supported by Rotax, for it sold the rights to design to the Wildfire Group who use the engine in their Mark 3 High Pressure Centrifugal Fire Pump.


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