Rotax Kart Engines

BRP-Rotax is passionate about karting. Therefore it is not limited to engines alone. The designing for the ROTAX Kart engines began well over 25 years ago Let us read to all about rotax Kart engines, which are known as the future of Karting.

Providing complete kart systems exclusively, in which engine, gearbox, brakes, chassis, tires and bodywork, BRP-Rotax can be symbiotically linked for the ultimate in dynamic performance.

The Rotax Kart DD2, one of the most popular Rotax Kart engines may well be the pinnacle of Rotax 125 engines. With a range topping 33 horsepower, offering a two-speed direct drive transmission, you won’t find anything like it in the market. Only th experienced karters know that the Kart engines it requires extensive maintenance and fine tuning for optimum performance. The direct drive transmission in a Rotax Kart engine eliminates the need for a chain, providing the driver with two useable gears, which helps simplify the driving process.

For those who are new to Karting, the Rotax Kart DD2 125 engine is the perfect answer. Offering a revolutionary design well-suited for both novice and expert drivers, this Rotax Kart engine gives them a unique experience. It is extensively used for the Rotax DD2 Max Challenge series , which is a run throughout the United States , where you can put your DD2 to the test! DD2 is a great choice for a Rotax Kart 125 engine

The 125 MAX direct drive engine, the new rotax kart engine is a revolution, being chainless, eliminating the need for chain service, lubrication or adjustment and enhancing safety. The 2-speed gearbox, which is shifted from the steering wheel, brings the maximum power of 32 HP to the tarmac. ROTAX has been successful in redefining performance, safety and maintenance standards in Karting.

Consistently setting new benchmarks for kart performance, safety and user-friendliness, Rotax embodies these qualities and thus offers the complete kart solutions for the ambitious kart enthusiasts.