Rotax ATV Engines

Rotax ATV engines are liquid-cooled, 1- and 2-cylinder and 4-stroke engines which are especially designed for ATV applications. These engines can cover a range between 400 and 800 cc. ATV engines come with gearboxes with foot-lever shifting, or with CVTs (continuous variable transmissions). There are different types of rotax ATV engines such as engine type 810, 660,654 DS, 490,449, and 400. However, the engine type 810 is now used in snowmobile applications as well. Get more information about Rotax ATV engines by reading the article further.

There are many ATV engines which are designed for different purposes, so it is essential for you to choose the right ATV engine type which will suit your needs. However, depending on the model, brand and accessories you want installed, a new rotax ATV engines could cost you up to $7,000 and above while a used ATV engine prices can range from somewhere around $2,000 upwards. ATV engines are available in two types: a 2-stroke engine and a 4-stroke engine. The engine type will vary largely based on your primary use for the ATV. 2-stroke rotax ATV produces more power than a 4-stroke. Moreover, 2-stroke engine of only 50cc can reach 130 km/hr (about 78mph) while a 4 stroke with a 70cc engine may have trouble maintaining even 110 km/hr (about 66 mph).

Fuel consumption in 4- stroke ATV engines is less than a 2- stroke ATV engine. On a liter of fuel, 2-stroke will run for about 21 miles. However, with a 4-stroke, that same liter will take you around 30 miles. 2-strokes rotax ATV engines lack a dedicated lubrication system, unlike the 4-stroke, even parts tend to wear-out faster. 2-strokes use an oil and gas mixture with the oil providing lubrication for the engine. Because of this, 2-strokes also tend to produce more pollution during combustion. And remember, that oil is mixed purely for lubrication, it doesn’t add to the ignition process. And adding to this fuel inefficiency factor, during the release of the burnt gasses, some of the new mix of fuel/air also leaks out into the exhaust port.

For those who like to do much racing, should used 2WD as they are much faster than 4WD. But for rough terrain trekking it is best to have a 4WD. 4WDs are much oriented as work machines you'll get better value from a 4WD machine. Naturally, 4WDs are more expensive than 2WD, but having a nearly invincible machine is most excellent. You can start an ATV engines in three different methods; electric start which uses battery and an ignition button, kick start lever that directly connects to the crank case, and the pull start handle often used in lawnmowers and chainsaws. Moreover, ATV engines have proven themselves time and time again, providing superior low and mid-range torque as well as unmatched overall dependability.


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